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Online Certificate Program:
Women's Exercise Training and Wellness

Program Coordinator:  Jasmine Jafferali, MPH, ACE-CPT

The Online Professional Certificate in Women’s Exercise Training and Wellness is designed to prepare graduating students for a career working with women of all ages at medically-based fitness facilities, community wellness programs, personal training studios, physical therapy clinics, health promotion sites, and private and commercial health clubs.

Students will learn how to apply their client’s health history, goals, and abilities integrating exercise science curriculum and practical training techniques into a systematic model that teaches students to progress their clients through various phases of a woman’s life. 




Certificate Structure


Module 1:
Course 1: Female Anatomy and Physiology
Course 2: Designing Women’s Exercise Programs
Module 2:  
Course 3: Women’s Health and Wellness for Special Populations
Course 4:

Medically-Based Fitness Management and Administration



Certificate Format

The certificate program's required four core courses have been designed to be completed in as little as three months or students have up to one year if necessary. 

  • The On-line Certificate program format has been designed to be taken in two consecutive modules. 
  • Students may elect to enroll in courses one at a time, as they are offered.
  • Students are provided with 8 weeks of access per course.
  • Courses are offered in an OPEN ENROLLMENT format, meaning students can register and begin courses at any time.


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